How I Treat My Keratosis Pilaris

I wanted to write this post, because I know there are some of you out there who may have Keratosis Pilaris, including myself, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing lately to help keep it at bay.

For those who are not familiar with Keratosis Pilaris, (KP), also known as “Chicken skin”–which to me is the GROSSEST way to describe KP, but there you go–it’s a common hereditary skin condition where small, rough bumps (sometimes red), appear on the arms, legs, and butt.   In fact, 40-50% of people have some sort of Keratosis Pilaris.  That’s ALOT of people!!  Sorry ladies, we are more prone to this condition than men.  We just can’t catch a break can we?  C’est la vie.

The cause of the small, rough bumps is when the body produces an excess of keratin.  Keratin protein is a substantial part of your hair and nails.  However, excess keratin  can get trapped around the hair follicles and pores of your skin (usually arms, legs, or where ever), thus forming hard, rough bumps on the skin.  Gross right?  Fortunately, KP is quite harmless, but I can understand how it can be somewhat “unsightly” and embarrassing to have these rough patches visible on your skin, especially during the summer time when you want to wear those cute shorts with that fabulous top you bought on clearance!

I’ve had KP since I was in elementary school.  It’s never really bothered me and I’ve never been self-conscious about it, but I did wonder if I could do anything about it.  Here is what has worked for me so far:

1. Exfoliate arms and legs (or where ever you may have KP) 2X a week

2. Apply Cocoa butter after exfoliation AND every night you don’t exfoliate as well

I like to exfoliate with LUSH’s Ocean Sea Salt scrub on my arms and legs while I shower.  I really enjoy the smell of this scrub too. It reminds me of a margarita. 🙂

image (13)

Then once I get out of the shower, I apply The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Body Butter (well that’s fun to say) on my arms and legs as well.

image (12)

You can use any body scrub and cocoa butter for that matter, but these are just the things I use.  Within one week of doing this, my bumps have noticeably reduced and my skin has felt smoother.  I still have “scarring” from the bumps, but I’m hoping the cocoa butter can help reduce the appearance of them.  (I know it’s been around forever, but I love Cocoa Butter! Whoever thought to put that stuff on your skin was GENIUS!) The Body Shop’s cocoa butter smells so so good!  I’m not one who gravitates towards sweet smells for my skin, but I just smell like home baked brownies straight out of the oven when I put this on. 🙂

If you’re not too keen on the smell of cocoa butter, you can try using a body cream without it, like shea butter or Vitamin E.  You just want something that will help condition your skin well after exfoliating.

Hope this helps!


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