DIY Refurnished Stool Chair

love DIY projects.  Yesterday, I posted my before and after pic of a stool I refurnished.  I felt like such a proud grade school student who just finished one of my best school projects as I ran into the room and proudly showed off my hard work to my husband.  Haha. 😛 Needless to say, I’m OBSESSED with it!  Here’s my before and after picture of it:


Originally, I bought this stool at an estate sale for dirt cheap.  I knew I wanted to do something with it, but having so many weddings this year and trying to plan a kitchen, I just didn’t have the time.  Finally I got around to it and I couldn’t have been more happy with how it all turned out!  What I loved even more about this project was that it was less than $20 to do everything! Winning!

What you’ll need for this project is:

1. stool (duh)

2. favorite fabric pattern

3. fine sanding sponge

4. staple gun with staples

5. foam mattress (I got mine from JoAnn’s Fabrics)

6. spray paint

I sanded down the entire stool so that the paint would adhere better to the wood.  Sprayed a good 3-4 coats of white spray paint and that was all.  Then I followed the instructions from Jen’s blog: The House of Wood.  Thanks Jen for the idea!!

Here’s just a close up of the fabric I chose. Pretty right!!


Now I have a pretty stool to sit on while I do my makeup. 🙂 Stay tuned for my makeover of my vanity table!


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