Makeup On-the-Go! (My Essentials)

We’ve all had those days where we hit the snooze button one too many times only to realize we are already behind on the day!  You quickly jump out of bed, get dressed, try to tame the lion’s mane as you casually throw it up into a “chic” messy bun, slap on some deodorant, give your teeth a good scrub (maybe pop some breath mints or gum afterwards….hey, whatever helps), and you’re out the door!

As you’re driving in your car, you take a peek at your visor’s mirror only to be taken aback by the inconvenient blemish that strategically popped up overnight in the most noticeable area on your face and is the size of Mount Everest!, or those tired eyes with the complementary dark circles that explains the numerous hits on your snooze button this morning.  Whatever it may be, here are my 5 essentials I always, always, allllways keep with me in my little, handy dandy makeup bag.

1. Concealer

2. Under-eye Roller (for puffiness)

3. Mascara

4. Lip balm

5. Setting powder

Yup. That’s it.  Now to some, this may be a shock, but even though I am a makeup artist (side job), there are a lot of times–and I mean almost every single weekday–where I never ever put on a lick of makeup (besides lip balm, but does that really count as makeup?).  I work in a lab for my daytime job and to be quite frank, I have no one to impress.  Jeans, t-shirt/hoody and chucks are my staple outfits and I always have my hair thrown in a messy bun 99.9% of the time.  Ah, the perks of working in a lab. 😛

**Rambling moment** The only time I actually put some kind of effort into my face is usually when I see myself and say “Girlfriend needs some help. Let’s get it together now.” That, and on weekends.  Putting on makeup is almost like a “treat” I give myself that I look forward to do on the weekends.  Weird? Welp, not for me. 🙂  Also, I don’t put on makeup everyday because (again, this might be another shocker), I don’t think it’s thaaaaat great for your skin.  But I totally understand if you need to have makeup on because of acne, or for your job or something like that. etc. Okay, end rambling.

What are your makeup essentials you always have on hand?


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